Redecorating Fun at Our Unique Bed & Breakfast in New Hope PA, Fox & Hound Bed and Breakfast

Redecorating Fun at Our Unique Bed & Breakfast in New Hope PA

This is a series of articles on the redecorating journey happening this Winter & Spring at our B&B.

When is it time for a change?

Over the last 9 years, we have gotten so many compliments on the shade of green in the lobby & breakfast room and how calming it was. But you know, over the last year I’ve had this feeling building up that it was time for a change and a fresh look.

The Stakes are High!

Redecorating Fun at Our Unique Bed & Breakfast in New Hope PA, Fox & Hound Bed and Breakfast

The popularity and huge importance of the breakfast room made it all the more difficult of a decision to try a change. After all, the hot gourmet breakfast is a major part of the bed and breakfast experience as couples come for a getaway to the Fox & Hound to reconnect and relax.  Breakfast, served at individual cafe tables, is also the time when guests can chat with the innkeeper about sightseeing, restaurant dining for the day, or to hear stories about the history of the house. So the pressure to have it be stylish, welcoming, and historic with a modern or updated feel was huge.


Since our bed & breakfast is open every single day year round, we have a short window of opportunity to get painting and redecorating done. The first week or 2 of January is really the best time for painting work.

What happened??

In the end, we decided to totally change the color but maintain the feel, charm and laid back elegance with a nod to Victorian since the breakfast room is in the historic part of the manor. The classic color we chose looks so fresh (Colors: Walls are Half Crest Moon by Benjamin Moore, Trim is Polar Bear by Behr). Liese, Taylor and John, the other innkeepers helped me paint the breakfast room.  We were only about 1/2 done when we took a break to look around and it became very very obvious that painting this room this color was a really outstanding choice.

Goodbye Green!

Not only does the breakfast room look amazing, but the view into the adjoining rooms is outstanding as well.  As we move all the furniture back int place, I think how well this new color will look with the various seasonal tablecloths.  We are still putting finishing touches and rearranging furniture but here are some before and after pictures. We expect the transformation of the lobby, breakfast room and some sleeping rooms to take about 3 months and I’ll keep you updated regularly on the decorating changes and challenges.

The new color is just beautiful. Perfect for the historic room & relaxing breakfasts for guests. (Still decorating but wanted to post this picture.)