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How to have a Happy and Romantic Relationship

Recently I sat down with Love Attraction Coach, Lisa Carroselli to talk about Love and Relationships.

What is a soulmate? How many soulmates can someone have?
A soulmate is someone who is good for you in the best way imaginable. You know they love you and would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. Your relationship with your soulmate, including the chemistry, gets better over time. There is a synergy or flow and you feel you can relax and be yourself with them. You know you love this person and it’s clear they love you. There is no guessing. You feel safe and know they would never intentionally hurt you. Bumps in the road in a soulmate relationships are rare and you get along with them easier than with others.

There is excitement without drama. Whereas someone who isn’t your soulmate will keep you on edge with drama or will leave you guessing about their love for you. I do have two lists which give examples of what is and isn’t a soulmate relationship that I go over in detail in my workshops and programs.

And yes, you can have more than one soulmate in a lifetime. However, I emphasize that if a relationship ends and the person is still walking this earth, it’s most likely that they were not your soulmate. This means that your soulmate will make them pale in comparison. You’ll wonder, “What was I thinking?”

How do you keep romance alive?
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The short answer is variety and change.  You keep the romance alive by never taking yourself or your partner for granted. Keeping yourself happy and appreciating what you have will increase the love you have to share. The little things you do for each other and with each other add up. It needn’t be big things. A kiss in the morning or holding hands on the couch often weigh more heavily than the big things.

It’s easier to maintain a relationship when you attract someone by being yourself. When you have this foundation to build on, you just naturally want to be together and share experiences. The couples who have fun together, stay together and are more likely to pass through life’s challenges because they see the value in being together. Put yourself in situations where you are couple again together by going away and spending time connecting like at the Fox and Hound B&B of New Hope which has a wonderful intimate atmosphere that is cozy, welcoming. It is a beautiful bed & breakfast.

An important element to keeping the romance alive is to maintain interest in yourself and stay connected with what makes you happy.  This ensures that the relationship continues to be a sharing of two whole people instead of looking to your partner for your happiness.

Remember to remind yourself why you fell in love and all the good times you have had. I often encourage people to write a list that they can look at from time to time so that they never take their love for granted.

Again, you can keep the romance alive by having fun together. You can never get bored with another person because we are all so infinite- so try something new. For example, try something new or learn something from your partner. Go ahead and ask your partner to try something new; the worst thing that can happen is that they say no.

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