Better Productivity, Better Work & Better Health, Fox & Hound Bed and Breakfast

Better Productivity, Better Work & Better Health

I’m NOT talking about a standing desk, timers, multitasking, or 2 minute rules. The BEST way to improve productivity & health is the most fun and ultimately also improves relationships, life, mood; And the scientific evidence is very clear! Vacation has enormous benefits to your health.

The amazing thing is that MILLIONS of Americans do not use all their vacation days and so are not getting the benefits of the relaxing breathing space that you get on a vacation! Using your vacation days doesn’t have to mean you have to plan a big long cruise or airplane tickets. An escape of a day or two to a nearby town or bed & breakfast to experience peace, release tension, breathe and reconnect with an important person in your life is just as powerful to your well-being.

Some of the positive health effects  from going on a vacation break away from a stressful environment are:

  • lower blood pressure
  • smaller waistline*
  • improve cardiovascular (no kidding! scientifically proven and no exercise needed.)
  • lower risk of heart attack

Life Changing Effects after a Getaway 

  1. Increased creativity and productivity
  2. Improved relationships and overall satisfaction with life
  3. Reduce stress and pressure on your self
  4. Being more mindful and present

There is power in taking a vacation and the benefits are clear. There are approximately 658 million vacation days that go unused each year in America!!!* Don’t be a statistic-Break free from work and tension for quick escapes. The biggest key here is to plan your getaway. Ask yourself when you can take a quick escape and then plan it.

This is your new Health Exercise: 1. Plan your getaway, 2. Escape, Breathe & Relax, 3. Repeat in a few months.

If you want to experience some peace and relaxation on a quick escape in the middle of your week, book an overnight mid-week or weekend getaway here, Buck’s County’s Most Romantic Escape. An Inn for All Seasons.  

#PlanAVacation !