2 Tips to Reconnect with Your Love

2 Tips to Reconnect with Your Love I got some more great tips on Love and Relationships from Lisa Caroselli, Attraction Love Coach. This is part 2 of our interview. We talked about keeping romance alive by having fun, positive memorable experiences, trying new things and even maintaining interest in yourself. But, for most people, […]

How to have a Happy and Romantic Relationship

Recently I sat down with Love Attraction Coach, Lisa Carroselli to talk about Love and Relationships. What is a soulmate? How many soulmates can someone have? A soulmate is someone who is good for you in the best way imaginable. You know they love you and would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. Your relationship with […]

Top Reason We are the Most Romantic Lodging in Bucks County

  What makes the Fox and Hound Bed & Breakfast the Most Romantic Escape in Bucks County, PA?   Romantic Unforgettable moments at the Fox and HoundThe Fox and Hound is a place where couples can reconnect, celebrate and make wonderful memories. But the most important element of a romantic place is the caring of […]

Redecorating Fun at Our Unique Bed & Breakfast in New Hope PA

This is a series of articles on the redecorating journey happening this Winter & Spring at our B&B. When is it time for a change? Over the last 9 years, we have gotten so many compliments on the shade of green in the lobby & breakfast room and how calming it was. But you know, […]

Whats going on New Years Eve 2016

Goings On in Bucks County on New Years Eve 2016 Celebration time! If you’re like me New Years Eve celebrations include champagne and confetti and a bit of cheering at midnight. Walking distance or a short drive from The Fox and Hound are Live bands, Dancing, DJs, loud or quiet gourmet dinners. Which is your style? Here’s […]

You can’t get this on Amazon- Only Available to Experience in Lambertville NJ

There’s stuff going on in Lambertville that doesn’t happen on Amazon. I love going to Lambertville to look at all the attractive window displays and browse at all flavors of art in cute art boutiques and even chat with the actual artist or watch art actually happen right there at that very minute you are […]

New Hope’s Unique Holiday Shopping Experience

Remember shopping with your family during the holidays as a kid? The computer has stolen that old time shopping experience from most people.  However, the excitement of distinctive design and having someone make you feel special by helping you choose a just right gift or perfectly complimentary outfit, does still exist in the village of […]

Getaway to Improve Health & Increase Productivity

Better Health & Better Work I’m NOT talking about a standing desk, timers, multitasking, or 2 minute rules. The BEST way to improve health & productivity is the most fun and ultimately also improves relationships, life, mood; And the scientific evidence is very clear! Vacation has enormous benefits to your health. The amazing thing is […]

A Luscious Breakfast at a Romantic New Hope Bed and Breakfast

Have you ever had food that was SO good that you thought about it for the rest of the day and it fed your soul? I had that experience with a new breakfast recipe that we are trying out.  Innkeeper Liese found some good crepe recipes and combined it with a striking orange-banana filling. She […]

A Unique Weekend Stay in New Hope Pa

A unique town, often called “The Jewel of Bucks County”, New Hope always has a huge supply of fun activities, many entertaining festivals and lively events. An overnight stay in New Hope, PA is your time for reconnecting with an important person in your life and for making lasting good memories. Take this weekend for example and […]

7 Unique Ways to See Art in Bucks County & Lambertville, NJ

I love the outdoors and I love looking at art. Art is everywhere in New Hope, Bucks County and Lambertville, NJ Its a really unique ambiance in Bucks County with a Plein Aire competition; artists easels set up all over. Look at the rain clouds floating in and the artists focusing to get as much painting […]